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Step into the world of high-caliber and compelling TV journalism with Brilliant Media & Productions. Headquartered in Singapore, we develop and produce a wide variety of TV and digital media content in different formats to cater to today's dynamic market demands.

Spearheaded by a team of award-winning and seasoned international producers and journalists, Brilliant Media & Productions develops and produces TV shows, high-level business forums & international conferences, and devises winning media strategies across international markets. 
Let your stories come alive with
Brilliant Media & Productions !

Who we are

About Chloe Cho​

  • TV show creator & executive producer

  • Seasoned TV Host & News Anchor

  • International moderator

As a team of seasoned content creators with many years of experience at top international TV networks, our goal is to develop top-notch English media content out of Asia. Under the leadership of Chloe Cho, we are passionate about getting more viewers around the world tuned into the dynamic story that's redefining Asia!

Chloe Cho

A prolific content creator and international journalist, Chloe is passionate about creative storytelling through television  and new media platforms. Chloe has developed a number of television shows including weekly talk show “Millionaire Minds,” and weekly business show, “Investor Insights” and executive produced successful business reality shows such as "Start-up Asia."

Chloe has interviewed global newsmakers including IMF Chief Christine Lagarde, former U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo as well as Sir Martin Sorrell and SAP CEO Bill McDermott. Chloe has covered key international news developments from the North Korean nuclear crisis and the G20 summits to Thai political tensions and the 2008 financial crisis in her capacity as a CNBC Asia anchor/ correspondent, Executive Producer/ Presenter of Channel NewsAsia, and a CNN World Report contributor.

A finalist for “Best Business Report” at CNN World Report Contributors’ Awards in 2003, and also a finalist for the TV Personality category for AIBs (Association for International Broadcasting) Awards in 2015 and 2016, Chloe was selected among 50 Most Influential Koreans recognized for their work in international media, culture and arts by Newsweek Korea in 2009.
As a versatile and experienced moderator, Chloe is often seen at high-level forums organized by the International Monetary Fund, the World Economic Forum, the Asian Development Bank, and the ASEAN Business & Investment Summit among others. Chloe covers a wide range of subjects -- from business and finance, technology, start-up disruption and innovation as well as international geopolitics especially involving North Korea, to women empowerment.  She’s known for her unique talent to stimulate discussions effectively through a sharp journalistic interviewing style and insightful conversations with a tinge of humor.


Original Media Content Creation & Production

Business Forums, 

Conferences & Moderating Services

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What We Do



브릴리언트 미디어 & 프로덕션즈 유한책임회사 (Brilliant Media & Productions LLC) 는 한국에 착륙!!! 

2021년 3월 강남구 청담동에 문을 연 브릴리언트 미디어 & 프로덕션즈는 비즈니스, 이노베이션, 경제, 교양 및 시사 등 다양한 한국의 콘텐츠를 영어로 기획, 제작하여 국제 시장에 보급하는데 주력하며, 국제 영어 행사를 큐레이팅, 기획, 진행, 제작합니다. 또한, 인터내셔널 임원들을 위한 영어 미디어 트레이닝과 컨설팅 서비스를 제공합니다! 


많은 성원 바랍니다!

Brilliant Media & Productions LLC is now in Korea!!!

Upon opening a new office in Gangnam's Cheongdam district in March 2021, Brilliant Media & Productions is the partner of choice when creating quality content in English from business, innovation, economy and culture to current affairs for the international market. Do partner with us when planning international events/ programs and seek our expertise for high-level media training that's custom tailored for today's power executives! 

Thank you so much for your support!!  



Open your mind and unleash your potential as host Chloe Cho takes you on an engaging journey each week through thought-provoking conversations with inspirational thinkers and maverick dreamers. Find out how innovative thinking, perseverance and vision can help reset the course of your life as Chloe tells each story based on her own experiences, perceptions and struggles.





​Brilliant Media & Productions 
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